February 27, 2010

Dinner Event Features New Michigan Wines from Fenn Valley Vineyards

Fenn Valley Winery is takes a unique approach to introduce their wines this Saturday, March 6th.

A six course meal will be served by Chef Luke Webster, with each course featuring one of Fenn Valley's newest wines.  Little neck clams paired with Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Franc with the duck, and the specialty wine Late Harvest Vignoles paired with the fabulous dessert course...wow!

Our friends Rob and Karen have attended this event three years in a row, and share their stories over breakfast the next morning.  (Somehow everything sounds delicious even as we sip coffee and nibble blueberry muffins!)

Reservations are needed for this event, and the Fenn Valley website has all of the details.  If you would like to attend, let us suggest a taxi service so you can enjoy yourselves!  Reservations are still available for our bed & breakfast - reserve online, or feel free to call us directly.

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