May 18, 2010

Michigan's Foundry Hall welcomes Jamestown Story on May 20

Thursday, May 20th at 7:30 pm South Haven's own Foundry Hall brings an acoustic/pop/alternative one-man-band from Minnesota to the stage.  Jamestown Story, formerly known as And Then I Turned Seven, started is an American acoustic indie rock band from Duluth, Minnesota that formed in 2003. Jamestown Story is now a one-man band consisting of vocalist/guitarist/bassist/drummer Dane Schmidt. The band has toured 35 states in the US since 2005, and has amassed a large worldwide following through Myspace and other social network and music-based sites. The band's best-known songs include "I Miss You" and "Goodbye (I'm Sorry)."  Advance tickets are available on the Foundry Hall website or at the door for a little more.

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