October 25, 2010

The Best Haunted House in South Haven

Every year, the South Haven Area Emergency Services crews collaborate to create a 'haunted house' in the township hall.  From creepy to disturbing to downright frightful, it's been a South Haven tradition for over 20 years.  Open to the public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, there are early 'flashlight hours' for the feint of heart.

For local residents, going to the haunted house a bit of gamble.  Who can tell if that's really Owen behind the gorilla mask?  And perhaps that is the Bemis kid wielding the chainsaw and Jason reaching out from the darkness...but perhaps not.  The best part, to be honest, is knowing that if anyone in your group is truly in trouble, you're surrounded by a host of EMTs, firefighters and other professionals.  Perhaps.

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