October 27, 2010

October 30th Party at Foundry Hall, downtown South Haven

Foundry Hall has set the stage for a fabulous party this weekend.  Saturday evening, join in the revelry as you're introduced to Captain Donahue and the Drowded Seaman.  South Haven's 2nd lighthouse keeper, Captain James Donahue (1842-1917) has lost his wooden leg and he's a bit miffed - not to mention top-heavy. Until his pilfered prosthesis is found, the unhappy Cap'n and his soggy sailors have promised to exact vengeance on the town through hook-laden powerpop & rock music. If that doesn't work, he'll chill the citizens with foot stomping banjo & fiddle music. And if that still doesn't work, he might just condemn the city to an evening of frolic & revelry.

More info is available at FoundryHall.com and a few select rooms are still available at the Victoria Resort of South Haven as of this posting.  Kick up your heels and join in the fun!