November 1, 2010

Film Series at South Haven's Foundry Hall - November 4th

Foundry Hall is hosting the first film screening on Tuesday, November 4th in downtown South Haven. The opening night will feature four "shorts" featuring Charlie Chaplin. The iconic actor was immensely popular in the early 1900s, as films were still a relatively new development. Silent film actors like Chaplin had to rely on non-verbal communication to convey their feelings to the audience, with occasional printed words on the screens. This performance will include music and sounds effects (in real time) to coincide with the storyline. The four films featured are "The Adventurer", "The Cure", "Easy Street" and "The Immigrant". Donations at the door are being accepted in lieu of ticket sales and the screen comes aline at 7 pm!

If you need overnight accommodations in South Haven on Tuesday night, consider staying at the Victoria Resort Bed and Breakfast. A strong supporter of Foundry Hall, the Victoria offers very reasonable weekday rates ($95 with a fireplace and full homemade breakfast). Even if you can't stay for the evening, we'll see you at the Foundry!