December 2, 2010

Gift Certificates for the Victoria Resort Bed & Breakfast

"How do you wrap a sunset?"

One of our returning guests used this line to explain why she was purchasing a gift certificate for her parents this Christmas.  It's absolutely true that the emphasis on 'things' has most of us cramming more junk in our cabinets, dresser drawers and storage boxes than we care to admit.  Whether it's someone who is well established in their home or a young couple who doesn't have the budget to travel yet, the gift of an experience is truly priceless.  Memories of the famous sunsets over Lake Michigan, dinner out on the town, a relaxing evening by the fire, a long soak in a whirlpool... an experience won't be lost or duplicated and certainly not forgotten.  We would love the opportunity to share our bed & breakfast and the unique town of South Haven.  We're open all year long, so feel free to write with questions or call us directly at 1-800-473-7376.  Looking forward to chatting with you!