January 8, 2011

It's snowing in South Haven...a photographer's dream come true!

The Lake Michigan shoreline is a spectacular place to explore in the winter.  In early January the lake is still free from ice, and the waves come right up to the snowy drifts.  Amateur and professional photographers love to capture the long stretch of shoreline with the sharp contrast of snow and water.

Later in the winter season, the lake begins to freeze.  Quite often ice builds up along the shoreline, and if the winds are right there can be many small ice bergs over the entire lake.

South Haven's iconic red lighthouse takes on a whole new appearance in the winter.  As waves crash into the pier, the spray clings to the lighthouse and the catwalk.  Over time, the spray forms layers of icicles which almost look like frosting.

The photograph shown here was taken by a staff member at the Victoria Resort Bed and Breakfast of South Haven, after several days of high winds and high waves.

If you're headed to South Haven in the winter, be sure to bring your camera...and a pair of warm gloves!