February 3, 2011

South Haven is cleaned up and ready for Ice Breaker Festival

The phone has been ringing quite a bit this afternoon as our guests wonder how good old South Haven fared this week's blizzard conditions.  Tuesday late afternoon the winds were blowing out of the east, and by midnight the winds were howling out of the west.  Wednesday morning residents started shoveling and snowblowing their way around the neighborhoods, and by afternoon everything was back to normal.  No power outages, no water main breaks, no abandoned cars in the roadway.

City workers have removed snow from the sidewalks and streets of downtown South Haven to prepare for the popular Ice Breaker Festival this weekend.  Organizers report that the festival is definitely on schedule and the town is ready to welcome carvers, chili tasters and friends for another great Ice Breaker Festival weekend.

Shown here:  The Victoria Resort shoveled a path to the bed & breakfast just before plowing veteran Don Greene arrived to clear the driveway and parking areas.