March 5, 2012

The Crossing comes to South Haven's Foundry Hall

Foundry Hall has welcomed musicians from a wide variety of backgrounds, including young punk garage bands to classical guitarists.  On Saturday, March 10th the hall will be filled with Irish & Scottish tunes from the musical group "The Crossing".

The Crossing have been performing a mix of traditional Irish and Scottish, as well as original songs and tunes, since 1984. Though all members but one are natives of the U.S. (Hilde the cellist is from Norway), the roots run deep to the celtic soul that allows their original songs to fit seamlessly with, and be infused by, the old tradition. The themes in their music vary from pure story-telling, accounts of hardship & victory, to setting celtic prayers and psalms to music, to jigs & reels.

Reserve tickets in advance through the Foundry Hall website,  Overnight accommodations are available at the Victoria Resort of South Haven.