March 7, 2012

Fenn Valley Winery - Food & Wine Pairing Weekends

March 10 & 11 ~ March 17 & 18

Fenn Valley Winery has been producing wines for nearly thirty years, and somehow they've never lost the desire to educate and share their knowledge with new wine drinkers.  The staff is often wearing jeans and sneakers.  At certain times of the year everyone on the crew is helping with bottling and Doug still grudgingly heads to the fields in the dead of winter to pick grapes to make the highly coveted ice wine.

This March, Fenn Valley is introducing to the public their newest wines from the harvest this past fall.  It's a sneak peek, because the wines have not fully matured yet.  In fact, the wines presented will be ready for pick up this June.  But the big draw is the casual, fun and educational tasting and pairing with food.  According to the folks at Fenn Valley:
"During this event, we try to unravel some of the mysteries that seemingly surround a successful wine and food pairing, hopefully helping you understand why some wines pair better with certain foods than others. On top of that, we are giving you a sneak peek at some of the wines that will be released during the coming summer, including two red wines from the fabulous 2010 vintage."
Reservations are strongly suggested for this event, due it's popularity with locals and the high number of returning visitors.  Fenn Valley can be reached at 269-561-2396, or visit their website for detailed information about the event. 

Visitors to the area are invited to reserve accommodations at the Victoria Resort in South Haven, Michigan.  Door-to-door driving directions are available, as well as a certificate for a pair of Fenn Valley wine glasses as a keepsake.