March 15, 2012

Sherman's Dairy Still Scooping in South Haven

Sherman's Dairy began as one of several dairies in the South Haven area in the early 1900s.  A horse-drawn wagon would deliver milk to local residents in glass bottles.  In the 1950s, one of the Sherman boys started tinkering with ice cream, making small batches in a small freezer.  Within a few years, the focus shifted to all ice cream all the time and Sherman's Dairy continues to produce ice cream one batch at a time.

Sherman's Dairy Bar is located just east of South Haven on Phoenix Road, and now boasts a menu of fifty flavors during the peak of the summer season.  The classics like Butter Pecan, Mint Chip and Blue Moon have their honored places in the freezers, but then Sherman's will roll out Pistaschio, Black Raspberry Supreme and Coconut Almond Fudge.

When visiting Sherman's, there are a few things you should know.  Experienced customers know that you never ask for a double or large, because the counter staff at Sherman's are never bashful with their servings.  Inside, you can help yourself to a free cup of coffee or a glass of water - one of the few places that still offers such a service!  For those who find the ice cream irresistable, there are gallons of your favorite flavors available and with a cooler & dry ice, you can make the drive all the way home safely!  (One of the guests at the Victoria Resort did this successfully from South Haven to Indianapolis so he would have his winter supply of Sherman's ice cream)

If you're headed to South Haven, Sherman's Dairy Bar opens at the beginning of March each year and closes at the very end of October.