March 22, 2012

South Haven's Foundry Hall features eclectic sound

Foundry Hall is known for bringing a wide range of musical styles, from folk singer troubadours to jazz ensembles.  The common thread throughout the year is always exceptional, talented musicians whose music defies convention.  Saturday, March 24th, Foundry Hall continues it's long-held tradition of non-traditional artists with "Kinobe and the African Sensation."

Kinobe is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer whose early abilities in traditional African music quickly garnered acclaim on the world stage. The African Sensation are premier Ugandan performers representing the inspired synthesis of African roots and global fusion. Driving polyrhythms underlay transcendent melodies on traditional African instruments- koras, kalimbas, adungus, endongos, balaphon, and percussion- to show, once again, that music is the universal language.

The performance begins at 7:30 pm, and tickets will be available just prior to the show.  However, purchase tickets online to enjoy discounted admission.  For a long, musical weekend plan to attend the Friday evening concert by Montana Skies and include a stay at the Victoria Resort Bed and Breakfast.

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