October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Whips Up Lake Michigan in South Haven

The remnants of Hurricane Sandy are whipping up Lake Michigan.  Monday evening the wind started kicking in, and after three straight days of high winds from the north the lake is rolling.  Regional and national weather forecasters were predicting wave heights of twenty to twenty-five feet - pretty impressive seas for a lake!  

The South Beach parking lot was nearly full with spectactors on Tuesday afternoon, and many people braved the driving wind to snap a photo of Lake Michigan's awesome power.  Waves were easily sweeping over the north pier, and from the photos here you can see the waves in the protected channel were impressive as well.  In the photo at the right you can see waves cresting in the channel, just sweeping past people at the base of the pier.

There were also several adventurous souls spotted on the big lake.  Our guests Terry & Sheila reported seeing jet skis and surf boarders near the North Beach on Monday evening.  Without any news outlets reporting otherwise, we know they survived playing in the surf!

Yesterday a guest snapped a photo of a kayak at the South Beach.  With the pier, cat walk and lighthouse in the background you really get a sense of how powerful Lake Michigan can be - and the danger this fellow was in!  Many thanks to Adrianna for sharing this photo.

If you are headed to the Lake Michigan shoreline in the coming days, please do not take chances by walking on a seawall, jetty or pier.  Use the zoom function on your camera instead!  We would rather see you at the Victoria Resort again, instead of on the front page of the newspaper.  :-)