November 26, 2012

That's Our Hannah!

In October, Seventeen Magazine recently recognized Hannah Flood and her sister Audrey Flood for their entreprenurial spirit in starting their own business, "Feel the Love Tees". 

Their tie-dye shirts have been a mainstay at the farmers' market for several years now, with colorful tees, hats, baby outfits and hairbands displayed under the pavilion in downtown South Haven.  For all of the pieces you might see displayed at the market, they produce much more.  For every five tshirts sold, one is donated to a charity - and that's nearly 240 shirts donated!  The tees are given away as part of a back-to-school supplies program, or given to foster care programs, or even a national non-profit group that gives duffel bags of toiletries, blankets and other essentials to children removed from their homes in emergency situations.

Seventeen Magazine awarded $2000 to the Flood sisters, which they used to create and launch their own website,

The Victoria Resort staff would like to offer our sincere congratulations and best wishes to Hannah, who worked for several years as part of our housekeeping staff.  Although we miss her cheerful attitude and hard work, we know she's headed towards a bright future.

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