January 11, 2013

Fenn Valley's Chili Cookoff near South Haven

Fenn Valley Winery will be opening the cellar on January 19th for their annual Chili Cookoff and Wine Lovers Potluck.  Entrants in the chili cook off can enter in one of four categories - Four Legs (pork/beef), Two Legs (chicken/turkey), No Legs (vegetarian) or Exotic (seafood or wild game).   All are welcome to attend as part of the Wine Lovers Potluck. 
The price of admission is two dollars and a contribution to the potluck.  The atmosphere is casual - be prepared to share table space and perhaps your recipe! This event has grown in popularity so much that the cellar itself is being utilized for the gathering. Bring a group, bring your beloved and bring your camera.

Fenn Valley's winemakers know how to host a party, so they will be pouring wine by the glass and provide live music.  Don't worry, the winemakers are not singing - the acoustic group Natchez Trace will perform from 2 to 4:30 pm.  The potluck begins at 2 pm, while the chili competitors will arrive earlier for setup.

Fenn Valley Winery is located northeast of South Haven, Michigan - expect about a 30 minute drive to the vineyard.  The Victoria Resort Bed and Breakfast has driving directions, and as of this posting there were rooms available for the weekend.