January 28, 2013

Save the Foundry - the musical heart of South Haven

Foundry Hall has been a part of South Haven's music scene for years now.  Generous residents and property owners, the Putmans, allowed Foundry Hall to utilize the space for a song. (get it?)  However, the building is now up for sale and the Foundry is faced with the decision to either step away from what they have created or come up with the funds to purchase the building.

It's our position that Foundry Hall is the musical heart of South Haven.  Creative, talented performers have been welcomed to the venue and the folks behind the scenes have worked tirelessly to promote the venue.  In addition to the varied musical groups that have graced the stage, the Foundry has served as a gathering place for the Women Only Weekend, the Ice Breaker Festival, the Indoor Farm Market and numerous community events.  And if that wasn't enough, the folks at Foundry Hall have even helped host other non-profit groups by hosting fundraising dinners, musical performances and more.

Their goal is $75,000 from residents, visitors and individual supporters.  In addition to private support, the Foundry will try to secure $525,000 in foundation, corporate and government funding.

As visitors to South Haven, and perhaps visitors to the Foundry Hall, you are invited to show your support by making a donation. Every amount - from five dollars to five hundred - will bring them closer to their goal.  Click here to check their progress.

If you haven't been to the Foundry for a musical performance yet, you are missing out!  Acoustic, bluegrass, progressive rock, country, folk, Americana and jazz musicians have all performed there.  For upcoming performances, keep an eye on their event calendar or the Victoria Resort blog.

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