January 22, 2013

South Haven Ice Breaker 2013 updates

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South Haven's Ice Breaker Festival will take a sweet turn this year, as the local Boy Scouts will host several warming stations throughout downtown.  How could you make a wood fire even better?  Offer s'mores!  That's right - a little toasty marshmallow action while the ice carvers work their magic and the chili bubbles away.  After satisfying your sweet tooth and inner child, don't forget to enjoy the Pub Slide. 
The best place to begin is the South Haven Yacht Club for a fantastic deck party overlooking the Black River.  Of course, the iced vodka slide and a few other imaginative drinks keep everybody warm and happy.  With the horse drawn sleigh carriage and the taxi service in town, you can enjoy yourself responsibly.

Watch for more updates about Ice Breaker on the Victoria Resort blog, or contact the South Haven Chamber of Commerce for more details.

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