May 9, 2013

Holland's Tulip Festival is not Stem Fest!

Tabletop flowers at the Victoria - tulip and hyacinth
The extraordinary weather in spring of 2012 made Holland's Tulip Festival a challenge - the poor tulips bloomed too soon for their namesake festival.  This year, the blooms are back on schedule!

The warmer days will open the tulips wide, and the cooler temps in the evening will help close them and sustain the blooms.  Keeping in mind this is a spring festival, this is exactly what should happen.  We're coming close to the end of the 2013 Tulip Festival - the last parade happens this Saturday, May 11th.  If you've never seen the wooden shoe dances or watched a high school band march in wooden shoes, this is the your opportunity!

Remember South Haven is just over a half hour away, so drop in Holland for the day then return for dinner and live music in South Haven.  Last minute planners, there are a few spots available at the Victoria Resort - in the bed and breakfast and even some cottages for a family or friends to share.