November 16, 2013

Tearing down an eyesore in downtown South Haven

This image above, borrowed from Google, shows the intersection of Phoenix and Broadway.  To the left (west) is Phoenix Street headed through downtown and out to the lighthouse.  The buildings marked with red Xs were demolished this week.

Above this is the view from 5/3 Bank, looking southwest towards building.  This building has been vacant for some time, but within the last twenty years it housed a bank with a drive through, the South Haven Chamber of Commerce, and the offices of builder Jim Lobretto.  To the far right you can see where the demolition began.

Above is the view from Dairy Queen, looking southeast.  The buildings being removed are up against the library building.  In this photo, the vehicle blocks our view of the library.  They are proceeding carefully!

Rumors fly faster than the speed of sound in a small town.  The new owners of the property hired engineers to inspect the integrity of the building, but it was deemed structurally unsuitable.  Unfortunately local residents had noticed fallen bricks on the sidewalks the last couple of years, so it wasn't a complete surprise.  The current rumor is a brewery...