December 8, 2013

5 Things to Know about Victoria Resort Gift Certificates

With the holiday season in full swing, we receive many requests for gift certificates.  If you're planning to give someone a gift certificate for travel, here's what you should know about gift certificates from the Victoria Resort Bed & Breakfast:

1. Gift certificates are valid for five years.  That's right.  Five years from the date of purchase.  We really hope they come visit sooner - I mean, who doesn't want travel as a gift???  But just in case, there's a lot of flexibility for your recipient.

2. Our gift certificates are printed on heavy card stock paper and personalized.  While plastic gift cards fit handily in a wallet, overwhelmingly those little cards get lost and quite frankly, don't convey the right message.  A classic "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Anniversary" message is lovely.  Care to get creative?  Some of our favorites over the years:  "When A Simple Thank You Simply Isn't Enough" and "Merry Christmas Mom and Dad, From Your Two-Legged, Three-Legged and Four-Legged Kids".  (The human kids, a three legged cat and a couple of dogs).

3. Gift certificates are mailed within 24 hours.  If you're truly pressed for time, we can create a PDF and email a copy.  But we really prefer mailing a hard copy.

4. Gift certificates can be used towards any accommodations at any time of year.  So maybe you tried to give mom and dad a weekend away, and they decided to invite the cousins.  "We should include Uncle John and Aunt Miriam", they said.  No problem.  The value of the certificate can be used towards our coziest room, a luxurious suite, or our largest family cottage.

5. Gift certificates cannot be lost.  Well, yes they can.  But w
e keep a hard copy in our office.  It may take a few minutes, but we can find the certificate based on the recipient's name, purchaser's name or the date of purchase. (Sometimes our low tech method comes in pretty handy!)

Feel free to call us directly to ask questions at (269) 637-6414, or place an order for a gift certificate.  If you're reading this in the middle of the night, you can submit the majority of your information online here.  Then one of the gals will call for your credit card number during the day.

Thank you for choosing the Victoria - we'll make sure they have a wonderful experience!

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