June 23, 2014

New additions at the Victoria Resort

There's always something being added to the Victoria.  This week it was five new friends for the fish pond.  Have you ever tried to capture fish on camera?  They are either thinking "oh look, she's back to feed us again!" or "oh no, we're going to be eaten!".   The photo at the left shows over a dozen who are hoping for a little more food.

One question we are frequently asked - what happens to the fish in the winter?  While we're certainly not experts on pond care, we've found winter to be little trouble.  The bubbler and waterfall stay running to keep the water moving, providing oxygen and keeping our little friends from freezing.  They'll move a little slower and eat less when the temperatures start to drop in late October.  In the middle of winter, they're lethargic and clustered towards the bottom of the pond.

When spring rolls around, the koi will start moving a little faster and begin nibbling at the algae on the edge of the pond, so we know we can start feeding them again.  If you're planning a visit, let us know if you'd like to feed the fish - it's a funny sight and a unusual sensation as they suck on your fingertips!

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