January 22, 2015

Antique finds all around South Haven

I love going to the antique stores.  There's that sense of adventure to see what you can find, there's an element of cool, and always a thread of just plain weird.  (Like the time I found a lamp fashioned out of a doll...and her little head was broken... ewwww!)  This past week I found some really fun items
 - nothing too weird this time.

This fire extinguisher was a great find.  This "Red Star Model 302" was manufactured by the General Fire Truck Company out of Detroit, Michigan.  "For Fire Turn Bottom Up" it reads - a real turn around from today's extinguishers.  This handsome fellow would look fabulous in a corner of the living room or just by the back door.

The glass seltzer bottle was surprisingly heavy!  The woven mesh material on the exterior protected it from damage, and the footed base would have helped with stability on your very stylish bar.  What modern day man cave couldn't use a little vintage classy touch like this?

I've always thought it would be great fun to travel with a vintage suitcase like the one photographed here.  It would be quite distinctive on the luggage carousel at the airport!  Not sure it would survive the baggage handling process of today though!

A friend of mine has a baby blue one - think Jackie-O-pill-box-hat-early 1960s.  It's on a little wicker table in her guest bedroom filled with rolled bath towels, toiletries, and other sundries.

These glass knobs are absolute knockouts in the right house.  These matched sets are designed to be installed in an older home, but the single knobs could be fantastic on the right piece of furniture.  Pinterest fanatics have fashioned these knobs into coat hanging knobs, but honestly how could you cover them up?

If you're headed to South Haven, you don't want to miss Sweet Pickins or Murphy's Antique Mall.  A short drive north leads to Saugatuck's treasure shops (appropriately priced) and to our south is the behemoth antique mall in Coloma.